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Intellectual Property

Angelika Reshetnikova

Angelika Reshetnikova

Head of practice
Attorney at law

Disputes involving intellectual property:

  • Representation in the Patents Disputes Chamber, Arbitration tribunals, and General Jurisdiction Courts
  • Trademarks and service marks, domain and patent issues
  • Defense of copyright and related rights including those on the World-Wide Web
  • Agreements related to the creation and use of intellectual property (licensing, franchising and comissioning agreements)
  • Unfair competition cases, representation at the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Advertising law issues

Consultations in intellectual property issues:

  • Legal audit of intellectual property, for example, for the purpose of investment
  • Consulting on any aspect of intellectual property securitization
  • Advising on contracts for the disposal of rights of intellectual property objects: advising on copyright contracts and commissioning contracts, including contracts on development of trademarks and software, contracts for the transfer of know-how and confidential information
  • Development and analysis of distributor agreements, service agreements, agents and related contracts related to defense of intellectual property, software, personal data and confidential information
  • Advising on the development of local legal acts for the transfer of rights of intellectual property from an employee to an employer

Registration of intellectual property rights:

  • Registration, defense and keeping in force of trademarks and patents, services on inventions, utility models, and industrial designs patenting in Russia and abroad
  • Trademarks audit for identity and similarity, patent search and expert appraisal
  • Entering of trademarks into the intellectual property customs registry
  • Software and domain names registration, documents preparation, consulting.
  • Maintaining a patent portfolio for one of the largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, audio and video devices during the patenting of inventions in the Russian Federation.
  • Consulting a leading international marketing agency on a wide range of issues related to the acquisition, disposal, and audit of IP assets, usage of intellectual property for incentive events and loyalty programs, and personal data processing.
  • Successful representation of interests for a major French manufacturer of household appliances in the case over the termination of the legal protection of a trademark in the Intellectual Property Court. 
  • Defending a major international air carrier in the case over the violation of exclusive rights to a trademark in a customs authority, as well as subsequent representation in court.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of an IP portfolio for a group of cosmetic companies, including registration of assets in most foreign countries.
  • Representing a major Russian agro-industrial company in a meeting of the Expert Council on Unfair Competition of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service and subsequent protection of its interests in a case over goods appearance imitation initiated as a result of the said Council meeting.
  • Representation of a German hypermarket chain in a dispute connected with violation of exclusive rights to series of trademarks by a large Russian shopping and entertainment center including use of the internet.
  • Advising a Russian bank on its rebranding in connection with the formation of joint venture with a public institution and development of a unique scheme of obtaining exclusive rights to IP-assets after the completion of the transaction. Subsequently provided advice on the management of the client’s IP portfolio and advice on various matters concerning intellectual rights.
  • Advising on a transaction relating to the formation of a joint venture with a large manufacturer of tankers  in disposal of part of its rights to know-how. 
  • Assisting of a big Russian confectionary company in prevention of unfair competition from another rival confectionary company, which used packaging similar to client's packaging protected by a design patent, including provision of all evidence proving violation, developing a legal position and representation before the Federal Antimonopoly Service. 
  • Advising an international luxury manufacturer on matters relating to intellectual rights protection, including support of transactions connected with intellectual rights granted to a Russian distributor for setting up and conducting of business on the territory of Russian Federation.
  • Full-service IP protection of one of the world's most up-and-coming jewelry brands starting from registration procedures up to representation of the client before the court and the Customs in various cases relating to protection of IP rights; cooperation with police officers regarding prevention of selling counterfeit goods.
  • Advising a large international pharmaceutical company on the application of an agreement with a competing company for the disposal of rights on intellectual property (know-how, patents, trademarks) during importation and manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations protected by the above-described IPO.
  • Advising a large fashion house on the matters connected with protection of rights on design of accessories, clothes and other luxury items.
  • Representation of a global manufacturer of house appliances in a case on cancellation of the client’s trademark due to non-use. The result was that the trademark remained valid.
  • Representation of an international manufacturer of construction materials in the Chamber of Patent Disputes against a grant of a Russian patent on utility model in the name of a competitor. The complexity of the dispute was that the patent had already been challenged and was partially invalidated. As a result, a decision was made to declare the disputed patent totally invalid.