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Banking and Finance

Roman Suslov

Roman Suslov

Head of practice
Ph.D in Law
Ekaterina Spakhova

Ekaterina Spakhova

Senior Associate

Banking and Finance

  • Legal support of loan and credit agreements including deals with various types of security under Russian and English law
  • Legal support of subordinated credit transactions
  • Legal support of syndicated loan transactions and club deals
  • Advising on providing of financial services including securities services and banking services
  • Advising on banking regulations issues, banking requirements and reserves, as well as impact of sanctions on financial transactions structuring
  • Legal support of investment activities, advising on application of investment funds
  • Advising on transfers of funds, e-money and electronic commerce
  • Advising on issuance and execution of bank and independent guarantees
  • Due diligence on financial and investment activities of companies
  • Structuring of cash flows in commercial transactions, advising on transactions with documents of title
  • Advising on admission of foreign issuers' securities to trading and direct access of foreign securities to trading

Capital Markets

  • Legal support of bond issuance including subordinated bonds, stock exchange traded bonds, convertible bonds, bond programs and bonds with various types of collateral
  • Legal support of debt security issuances under foreign law (notes, bonds, warrants)
  • Legal support of stock issuance, additional stock issuance (IPOs, SPOs)
  • Advising on admission of foreign issuers' securities to trading and direct access of foreign securities to trading 

Securitisation, Structured and Project Finance

  • Legal support of internal and international secutirisation of various types of assets (mortgage, auto loans, consumer loans, credit cards)
  • Advising on derivative transactions (swaps, options, forwards) with various assets and advising on repurchase agreements. Standard documentation (ISDA, GMRA)
  • Advising on structured finance transactions
  • Legal support of project finance transactions
  • Legal support of debt restructuring 

Securitisation and mortgage-backed securities:

  • Legal support of the largest securitisation transaction in respect of the portfolio of residential mortgage loans originated by VTB 24, one of the largest banks in Russia, in the total amount of 46 bln roubles. Additional security for the bonds was provided in the form of surety stood by the Housing Mortgage Lending Agency.
  • Legal support of cross-border securitisation of auto-loans under English law, legal counsel on restructuring and amortization of the transaction, anticipated redemption of loan agreements and on terms and conditions of payment.
  • Legal support of securitisation transaction in respect of the portfolio of residential mortgage loans originated by VTB 24 in the total amount of 28.9 bln roubles. In terms of issue size the transaction is one of the largest Russian law securitisations on the market. Moody’s has assigned Baa2 (sf) rating to the class A securities.
  • Advising of largest Russian banks on structuring of securitisation transactions of mortgage and various types of non-mortgage assets.

Project financing:

  • Counsel on large development real estate project including questions regarding to financing of acquired assets.

Investment activities:

  • Structuring options for transfer of shares in drilling company.
  • Advising of Russian companies on structuring of options for raising additional financing.
  • Providing advice for private investors regarding legal and tax risks of various investment scenarios.
  • Legal support regarding application of investment funds in restructuring of business, managing of real estate and investing in bonds.

General regulatory issues regarding financial services:

  • Providing advice on financial services and retail banking matters to banks, micro-financing institutions, other financial institutions, money exchange companies, e-payment service providers, providers of brokerage and financial services, as well as provision of legal support for investment activities of a company.

Loans and credit facilities:

  • Advising on loans and credit facilities with various collateral.
  • Drafting documentation for one of the largest Russian retail banks financing acquisition of electricity company’s stocks.


  • Providing foreign companies with advice on licensing requirements for operations with electronic funds in Russia.
  • Advising international online merchant regarding risks of chargeback in payment systems.
  • Legal support on loan structuring secured by merchant cash advance.
  • Analysis of business model requiring mobile payments for compliance with Russian legislation.

Litigation in financial sector:

  • Legal support in dispute in relation to rehabilitation and bankruptcy of Russian banks.
  • Advising on legal dispute with banks issued guarantee, which secured obligations to construct large infrastructure project.
  • Counselling in dispute regarding investor’s claims to stock exchange.